Fuente de Poder Cougar VTE400, 400W, No Modular, Certificada 80+ Plus Bronze, ATX

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  • Potencia: 400 W
  • Certificación: 80PLUS Bronze
  • Tamaño: ATX
  • PFC activo: Sí
  • Modular: No
  • Corriente en la línea de 12 V: 28 / 22 /
  • Corriente en la línea de 5 V: 20 A
  • Corriente en la línea de 3.3 V: 24 A
  • Conectores de energía:
    • 1x 20+4 pines
    • 1x 4+4 pines (CPU)
    • 2x 6+2 pines
    • 1x Floppy
    • 3x Molex
    • 6x SATA

Extremely High Efficiency

Up to 87% efficiency.

Ultra Stable Voltage Outputs

DC to DC technology: the 3.3V are built out of the 12V rail, providing improved efficiency levels and a stables performance, as well as perfect regulation within ±3% at regular DC outputs.
According to Intel’s Design Guide for Power Supplies, the DC output voltages should remain within the ±5% regulation ranges in 3.3V, 5V and 12V rails.

120mm Ultra-Silent Fan

Ultra-quiet120mm fan with automatic thermal speed control for an optimal speed-noise ratio.

Massive Single +12V DC Output

Extreme Performance for Powerful Graphics Systems